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The most fun you'll have setting the table!

Ramadan coasters that you can personally design. Each purchase comes as a set of 4, with the following designs:

  • Ramadan Mubarak with Stars
  • Ahlan wa Sahlan ya Ramadan (in arabic)
  • Masjid silhouette with crescent moon and stars
  • Lanterns and gifts

If you'd like a different combination of these designs, that can be done, just include it as a note in your purchase and I will reach out.

Each purchase comes with a set of four permanent markers.


  1. Color in the coaster with your desired color - no need to stay within the lines
  2. Allow some time for the marker to dry
  3. Wipe the coaster with a slightly wet napkin, removing the color from the non-engraved parts of the coaster. Color it in several times to allow for the most pigmented color.
  4. Leave the coasters to dry for at least one hour before using it.


Additional Details:

  • Each product is made to order so there may be slight differences in the final product.

  • Orders take up to 5 business days to complete and ship.

  • If you require a quicker turnaround time, please message me and I will let you know if that's possible.

Thank you for shopping with us!

Customer Reviews

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K. Mohammed
My children LOVED this

This is such a cool product. My children had so much fun coloring in the designs and wiping them away. My 7 year-old had the least amount of help from me while my little ones (4&3) needed some help with wiping the marker away. We use these coaters almost every night after iftar. Very fun! We were most obsessed with the festive marker colors. Such a cute little touch to the product