How to Love Printables

If you're someone who finds purchasing printables to be a huge hassle, you're not alone! A lot of people hesitate to purchase printables. They often don't want to bother with having to replace their color ink cartridge (why does the blue color always run out first?!), finding the right frame, or setting it all up. I used to be the same, until I realized that printables save me money (no shipping costs) and time (instant download). Read the instructions below on how to become a printables guru:

Once you've purchased and downloaded the printable, 

1. Go to the website of our nearest Pharmacy/Photo Printing store. Ours is a 24 Hour CVS/Pharmacy. Create an account, if required, then follow the site's instructions on how to upload, save, and submit a picture for printing. Printing the prints as pictures as opposed to on your printer gets you high quality print on thicker paper, ensuring that your print will last longer. When prompted, select the appropriate printing size. Printables found on Koala's Corner are made to be printed at 8" by 10", max. 

2. Pick up your prints while picking up your medicine or shopping for gummy bears.

3. Pick up some frames... I like to shop at Michael's, but lots of stores sell frames.

4. Load the picture(s) into the frame(s) and enjoy!

Enjoy your purchase! I know this may seem like a lot of steps, but you rarely have to go out of your way to complete these errands. I often get them done when picking something else up or grocery shopping. 

Here's a free printable! Click here.

Still don't like printables? We have introduced Prints that you can purchase!
We'll take care of the printing and ship it right to your door - check out our Product page.




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